Organic, Hand Harvested CBD

Organic, Hand Harvested CBD

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At Hemp Valley Farm, we believe that our commitment to sustainable and regenerative farming practices, as well as our focus on transparency and quality, truly sets us apart from our competitors. We invite you to try our products and experience the difference for yourself.


What sets us apart

"At Hemp Valley Farm, Our commitment to regenerative farming practices ensures that every plant we grow not only enriches the earth but also yields the purest, most potent CBD. By meticulously controlling every step of the process, from seed to harvest, we guarantee a product that stands apart in quality and sustainability. Choose Hemp Valley Farm for a CBD experience that's as responsible as it is rewarding."

Organic, Hand Harvested CBD
Hand Harvested CBD

Our Story

The story of Hemp Valley Farm begins with three surfers from San Clemente, CA, whose love for the ocean fostered a deep respect for Mother Nature. This philosophy is at the core of their approach to building the company culture and mission.

What can we help with

Hemp for CBD Products Dogs

For Purpose

Dogs bring joy and love to people all over the world. However, not all dogs are as fortunate as others. There are countless dogs that are abandoned, neglected, or abused every year, and it is up to us to help them. That's where YOU and Hemp Valley Farm teams up! When purchasing a Subscription box, you can help provide food, shelter, and medical care for dogs in need. You can also help with the efforts to find forever homes for these furry friends. Together we can make a real difference in the lives of dogs in need!


Trevor Nuttal, Paramedic

Hemp Valley Farms CBD has become a cornerstone for me and recovery. I am a firefighter and a paramedic, at one of my city’s busiest houses. After a 48 hour shift I’ve gone home beat up and exhausted on more than one occasion. A few drops helps me turn a multiple day recovery into an afternoon nap. I wake up feeling well rested, no grogginess and a significant reduction in soreness throughout my body. I’ve tried dozens of other CBD companies products and most have a tendency to give me a slight headache. Hemp Valley Farms gives me the best recovery with no side effects. I recommend it to co-workers, family, and friends…. To me, it just feels cleaner.

Derek Fox, Boat Captain

Thankful to have been introduced to Hemp Valley Farm. Our family enjoys the Smooth Blend Pre-Rolls, the Sleep Tincture, and the Full Spectrum Body Balm. Benefits are overwhelming, and range from a new way to wind down calmly, maximizing sleep time, and feeling better on the outside. We appreciate the method of procurement starting from the earth, with the most organic amendments. Looking forward to watching these soothing and all natural products help others too.

Par K, P.R Professional

I have tried many CBD oils in the past, I have tried lotions and gummies as well. I struggle with anxiety, insomnia, and a herniated disc from a car accident in my lower back. Nighttime when I'm getting ready to relax is the worst, as that's usually when my insomnia kicks in, followed by this nagging pain in my lower back. I was introduced to Hemp Valley FarmsCBD oil and initially I was reluctant, due to my past experience and the price. I'm glad I decided to try it. A few drops of this stuff at night has replaced my sleeping pills, tramadol for my back pain, and ibuprofen regiment. It cured my insomnia, and during the day, if I feel a bit anxious I take 1 small drop to calm my nerves. I recommend it and yes I am a real person and this is not a fake testimony.

Kurt Kermani, IRS Agent

I became interested in CBD after learning it could possibly help with symptoms related to a gastrectomy (diagnosed w/ stomach cancer); such as nausea, pain, anxiety/PTSD, etc. None of the products I’ve tried brought any relief so I gave up. My husband met Justin & he suggested I try this CBD oil. Due to prior letdowns I was skeptical, but decided it couldn’t hurt to try… I tried it when I began to feel an onset of nausea – I couldn’t believe it – the oil began to work almost instantly & provided significant relief! As I continued to use it more consistently I experienced relief not only from nausea but also pain/headaches, anxiety/PTSD, sleep… I am so grateful for this product & hope others can also benefit from it!

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