Hand Harvested CBD

Our Story

The story of Hemp Valley Farm begins with life long surfers from San Clemente, CA, whose love for the ocean fostered a deep respect for Mother Nature. This philosophy is at the core of their approach to building the company culture. The founders have spent the last 15 years building a successful organic fertilizer company called "Organics Alive" that specializes in regenerative and earth-friendly approaches to cannabis and hemp farming. Through their work with Organics Alive, the founders developed a passion for hemp farming and a deep understanding of how to cultivate high-quality, organic hemp that is sustainable and environmentally responsible. This commitment to organic farming practices is reflected in the exceptional quality of their products and is a testament to their dedication to building a sustainable and ethical business.

"As producers of organic fertilizer, the founders of Hemp Valley Farm have taken many journeys through hundreds of farms. Through this experience, they recognized the need for higher quality cannabis and hemp products to be created as real medicine."

Hemp Valley Farm's CBD products are sourced from our organically grown, high-quality hemp using regenerative farming practices. Hemp Valley Farm's commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our farming process. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals of any kind are used anywhere on the farm. Instead, we use cover crops to keep the soil full of microbial life, increase its ability to hold water, capture runoff, and prevent topsoil erosion. The use of a diverse cover crop helps reduce or eliminate insects from harming the hemp crops, ensuring the purity of the final product. The company's dedication to sustainable farming practices results in a healthier environment, a superior product, and a better future for all.

Hemp Valley Farm operates off-grid and uses solar power to power their operations. Additionally, the company draws fresh artesian well water directly from an aquifer over 700 feet below their farm, using it sparingly and with intention to minimize their water usage. Hemp Valley Farm is committed to operating in rhythm with their surroundings and employs a regenerative and restorative philosophy. This approach ensures that the land is treated with respect, the environment is protected, and the community benefits from their sustainable practices.