What makes us unique

Hemp Valley Farm is a fully vertically integrated company that controls every aspect of our products' production. From seed to shelf, all Hemp Valley Farm products are made on our 130-acre farm. We grow high-grade hemp flower organically and use careful hand harvesting techniques to preserve the essential resin glands that contain CBD and other important medicinal molecules. Unlike other hemp producers who use commercial machinery to harvest their crop, Hemp Valley Farm refuses to sacrifice the quality of our hemp by using such methods.

Unlike many other companies that prioritize volume over quality, Hemp Valley Farm takes a different approach. Rather than quickly drying our hemp in large, open barns to increase production, Hemp Valley Farm carefully cures its hemp in temperature-controlled and pitch-black greenhouses. This method allows the sugars to fully convert into an array of cannabinoids that work together to bring about the plant's healing properties. Much like a fine wine, the curing process for Hemp Valley Farm's hemp is a critical step in creating a high-quality end product. Our company's priority is always the quality of our plants, not the volume of production.

Many companies in the hemp industry focus on branding and marketing, often purchasing isolates and distillates from labs and unverified locations. However, at Hemp Valley Farm, the focus is on starting from the beginning. The company farms its own hemp in-house and places a strong emphasis on the quality of the soil, the plant, and the oil creation process. This attention to detail and quality is what sets Hemp Valley Farm's products apart from others in the market. Consumers can truly taste and feel the difference in the end product, which is a result of the company's dedication to creating a high-quality, pure and natural product.

Why The Entourage Effect makes our CBD different

How regenerative farming makes our CBD Special

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