Welcome to Hemp Valley Farms

Hemp Valley Farm CBD comes from organically grown high quality Hemp using regenerative farming practices. 

No pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind are used anywhere on our farm. The farm's infrastructure is off grid and operates using solar power.

Fresh artisan water pulled directly from an aquifer over 700ft below is used sparingly. Rain is conserved and captured by using cover crops and swales to avoid runoff and topsoil erosion.

Our Hemp plants are being loved and they know it. 

Our Hemp plants are hand harvested, then delicately hung upside down in a dark greenhouse for two weeks and cured at controlled temps of 62 ˚F, and 60% humidity. This specialized process allows the plant to cure patiently, accentuating the development and conversion of all the plant's important Cannabinoids. This curing process creates a superior Full Spectrum CBD oil with benefits to your body’s mental and physical health.